Everything you need to know

How Solar Works

Solar isn’t very complicated. Basically, solar panels convert the suns energy into electricity you can use. First the sun’s photons travel 93 million miles to get to earth! This takes about 8.5 minutes. The photons or light knocks electrons loose from atoms. The conductors form an electrical circuit in which electrons flow through to give you electricity. Your home or business can be its own power producer. The more solar panels you have the more electricity you can generate. In addition, it feels great to know you are part of the solution. Our environment needs our help. Solar doesn’t have dirty exhaust that can make you and your family cough. It takes energy that’s coming from the sun and makes it to power your lives.

Why Solar Makes So Much CENTS

Our extensive line of energy reducers ensures the electricity created by your solar panels isn’t lost. The alternative is paying into a powerplant that you’ll never own any part of. Why rent your power when you can buy it? EcoSave Solar systems are warrantied for twenty five years but may last much longer than that.