About us

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, EcoSave Solar is a leading name in affordable solar solutions for both homes and businesses. We take pride in our mission to help people gain energy independence. When you stop having to pay the major energy companies each month, you’ll gain financial freedom and help the planet in the process.

Solar solutions are an attainable goal for home and business owners across Albuquerque. With solar panels installed by our expert team, you can start producing your own clean, sustainable energy.

Lower Your Impact With Solar Panels

Preserving the environment is one of the fundamental responsibilities of the human race. Unfortunately, excessive energy consumption has been harming our planet for far too long. But, you can start lessening your impact on the environment today by implementing solar solutions from EcoSave Solar.

Your energy independence is our ultimate goal. Through expertise and a passion for solar power, you’ll be creating your own power – not buying it from the major energy companies. That’s not only an investment in your financial future, but also in the future of the planet that we call home. 

Solar Solutions For Your Home or Business

With a solar-powered home or business, you’ll be supporting a renewable energy source. Imagine knowing that every time you use electricity, it’s coming straight from the sun. This is the future of energy use, and we can’t wait to help you harness the sun for your residential or commercial needs.

Residential Solar Services

It’s time for your home to go green! We provide leading residential solar services in Albuquerque to eliminate your home’s energy bill and help you protect the environment. Through thoughtful energy solutions, we create sun-powered homes that are built for complete efficiency.

Commercial Solar Services

EcoSave Solar is here to help Albuquerque businesses go solar-powered. Our experts will help you understand the benefits, both immediate and long-term, of installing a commercial solar panel system. When your business is powered by the sun, you’ll no longer need to expend a dime on electricity. Ultimately, solar panels are an investment in the financial wellbeing of your company and our planet!

Solar Solutions at Affordable Prices

At EcoSave Solar, affordability is one of our priorities. We understand that the upfront cost of solar panels can be daunting, so we do everything in our power to bring solar solutions within your reach. With our expertise and efficiency, we’ll make sure that you start getting a return on your solar panel investment as soon as possible. When the energy company starts paying you, you’ll see the difference that solar panels can make in your monthly budget.

Our energy conservation experts are here to answer any questions that you have about solar energy. To learn more about solar panel installation for your Albuquerque home or business, contact us today!