Everything you need to know

How Solar Works

Installing solar panels is an incredible investment you can make to become energy independent. However, it’s just not enough to make sure you’re being efficient with your monthly energy expense. EcoSave Solar takes it a step further and helps you make sure you’re not wasting valuable electricity with inefficiencies within your home or business. Smarter solar means making sure you don’t waste that power. EcoSave Solar does AeroSeal duct sealing on all of our solar installations. In addition we install several energy reducing products that can help you save money in the long run.

Why Solar Makes So Much CENTS

Why wouldn’t you want to use the free energy the sun provides? It’s clean and will shine for a very long time. The alternative is paying into a powerplant that you’ll never own any part of. Why rent your power when you can buy it? EcoSave Solar systems are warrantied for twenty five years but may last much longer than that.

Become a Sun Powered Home