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How To Decide If Solar Panels Are Right For You

When it comes to solar energy, we’re living in an exciting time. Many homeowners are now opting to have solar panels installed for their homes, making the United States less dependent on conventional energy sources. If you’re new to the idea of solar panels or are considering a home solar panel system for the first time, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll discuss how to decide if Albuquerque solar panels are the right choice for your home. While not everyone will choose to own a solar-powered home, solar energy presents several significant benefits as a primary home energy source.  

Check Out Your Roof

Your roof will be an important aspect of solar panel installation. Solar panels can either be installed on the roof itself or on the ground. Having solar panels installed on the roof is the most space-efficient option, which is why it’s preferred by most homeowners. However, it may not work for everyone. 

Roof Size

Solar panels take up a significant amount of space, so the size of your roof will be significant. While solar panels are smaller than they used to be due to heightened efficiency, you’ll still need to make sure that there’s enough square footage on your roof to accommodate them. The average home solar panel system requires around 280 square feet of space. 

Roof Pitch

The pitch of your roof can impact whether or not solar panels will work well on your roof. 30 and 40-degree pitched roofs are the best for solar panels. However, roofs with lower pitches don’t produce significantly less solar energy. If you have a flat roof, you may need a ballast mount system to ensure that your solar panel system produces plenty of energy. 


The amount of sunlight that your roof receives will also factor into how effective solar panels will be for your home. If your roof faces south, you’re in luck – south-facing roofs receive the most sun exposure and are thus the best for solar panels. That said, roofs that face east and west also receive a good amount of sun, though you may need to add a few extra panels for optimal solar output.   

Roof Condition

The condition of your roof will be essential in the solar panel installation process. If you’re due for a roof replacement, make sure to get it done before you invest in solar panels. If you have solar panels installed, then soon after require a roof replacement, the panels will have to be removed. The roof can then be replaced, and the panels will need to be reinstalled. This process wastes both time and energy. So, if your roof needs to be replaced, be sure to factor the cost of the roof replacement into the total price of having solar panels installed. While this may seem like a hassle, consider that solar panels will actually prolong the lifespan of your roof. The panels can protect your roof against the elements, leading to greater roof longevity. 

Evaluate Your Energy Consumption

How much energy does your home need? Your Albuquerque home’s energy consumption will impact how many solar panels you need. Since the number of solar panels will determine the upfront cost of your solar panel system, this is a crucial aspect of your solar decision. 

If you’re not often at home and don’t have many members of your household, you won’t gain as much energy savings as larger households by installing solar panels. Those with higher energy needs will see energy savings sooner. 

Think Over The Climate

The climate in which you live is a factor in deciding whether or not solar panels are right for you. Luckily, here in Albuquerque, we receive plenty of sunlight throughout the year, and our winters are mild. This translates to high solar output, making solar panels a wise investment for Albuquerque solar panel owners.  

That said, solar panels are a smart investment in many regions throughout the United States. While areas of the northeast U.S., for example, experience harsh, snowy winters, many northeastern states are among the top regions for solar production in the country. Solar panels produce energy even when the sun isn’t shining brightly, making them a viable choice for homeowners everywhere. 

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