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Solar Panels: Weighing The Pros and Cons

Having a solar panel system installed for your home is a big decision. Solar panels are a sizable investment and will change the way that your home gets its energy. However, as a sustainable method of energy production, solar has much to offer homeowners in Albuquerque and beyond. 

Here, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of owning a solar panel system. To help you make the best choice for your home, make sure to also consult with your Albuquerque solar experts. 

The Pros of a Solar Energy System

Lower or Eliminate Your Energy Bill

One of the key benefits of solar panels for homeowners is lower energy bills. With your own solar panel system, you won’t have to purchase as much of your energy from the utility company. Instead, you’ll make your own energy from a sustainable source: the sun. Over time, as your solar panel system continues to generate energy, you may become energy independent. This means that you’ll no longer need to purchase energy from the utility company to power your household.

Since solar panels don’t generate energy at night and produce less energy on cloudy or snowy days, you’ll still need energy from the utility company to power your home after your solar panels are first installed. With net metering, however, you can earn credits for any excess energy that your panels produce on sunny days. Over time, this can allow your household to become energy independent. 

Avoid The Rising Cost of Electricity.

The cost of electricity continues to rise, as many homeowners know. Electricity costs are also expected to continue going up in the years to come. So, homeowners will continue to pay more for electricity from the major utility companies.

With a solar panel system, however, homeowners can dodge the rising cost of electricity and make their own energy instead. Solar energy will replace traditional electricity in your home to protect you from fluctuating costs. Additionally, as electricity costs rise when you own solar panels, the value of the solar energy that your panels produce will also rise. This will help you become energy independent more quickly. 

Solar Energy is Trusted and Longstanding. 

One of the benefits of switching to solar energy is its reliability. Solar energy was first experimented with in the late 19th century. In the early 1950s, the first working solar cell was introduced. Now, solar energy is used around the world to produce power. Considering that solar power is a clean energy source, it can only be expected to be used more as time goes on. After all, by switching to solar, we can all be kinder to the planet and support the health of the planet for future generations! 

Solar Panels Are Now More Affordable.

Solar panels are now more affordable – and, thus, accessible – than they’ve been in any time prior. The price of solar panels continues to lower from year to year, making it possible for more home and business owners to switch to sustainable energy. Additionally, with incentives, tax credits, and other perks available to solar panel system owners, finances no longer stand in the way of solar panels for many. Solar financing is also available for those looking to make the solar panel investment that much more affordable. 

The Cons of Solar Panels

Solar Energy is Intermittent.

One of the drawbacks of solar, when compared to other energy sources, is that it’s intermittent. As we all know, there’s no sunshine at night. So, solar panels can only produce energy during the day. Additionally, on cloudy days, solar panels will produce less energy than on sunny days, and the intensity of the sunlight at any given moment will impact solar production. Snow can also cover solar panels and inhibit their ability to produce energy. 

Net metering largely negates this drawback, especially in sunny regions like Albuquerque. Solar panel owners can use the credit from excess energy that their solar panels previously produced to make up for periods of underperformance. 

Solar Panels Have a High Upfront Cost.

The upfront cost of solar panels prevents many from investing in a new solar panel system. We here at EcoSave Solar are here to help you get the best possible value for your solar panels. Our skilled team will ensure that you reap the financial incentives available to you so that your solar panel system fits within your budget. Contact us today to learn more.

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