In the beautiful, culture-rich state of New Mexico, Albuquerque is the biggest city. Positioned in the southwestern region of the United States, New Mexico receives generous amounts of sunshine. This, combined with mild winters and financial incentives, makes Albuquerque an excellent home for solar panel systems. Albuquerque solar panels are primed to have high output throughout the year. 

Sunshine in Albuquerque

Here in Albuquerque, we receive over six peak sun-hours daily on average per year. On average per summer, that number goes up to seven peak sun-hours daily. That’s a lot of sunshine, and with a solar panel system, you can be sure that you capture all of it for your home’s energy use. 

Additionally, in Albuquerque, there are 310 sunny days per year. This means that the large majority of the days that pass in Albuquerque bring sunshine that solar panels can use. Along with dry weather and a lesser likelihood of severe storms than in other regions in the nation, the climate in Albuquerque creates a reliable home for solar panels. 

Albuquerque Energy Independence

Energy independence is what all solar panels strive for, and in Albuquerque, you can reach it faster. When you are energy independent, it means that you don’t need to purchase energy from the utility company to power your home. Instead, your solar panel system generates all of the energy that you need to live normally in your home. Being energy independent makes powering your home far more affordable. Even considering the upfront cost of solar panels, producing solar energy is more affordable in the long run than purchasing energy from the utility company.

Due to sunny summers and mild winters, Albuquerque homeowners can become energy independent relatively rapidly. Net metering, in particular, makes it possible for New Mexico solar panel system owners to gradually reduce their dependence on conventional electricity.  

Net Metering in New Mexico

Net metering is the system that allows solar panel owners to earn credits when their panels produce more energy than they consume. This mainly happens during the summer, when long, sunny days are the norm. With net metering, when your solar panels produce more energy than your home uses, it will enter the local grid for your neighbors’ use. The additional energy produced by your solar panel system will give you a credit for future energy use. During the winter or other times of the year when your solar panel system may underproduce energy for your home, the credits that you earned through net metering will count towards the additional energy your home needs. Credits from net metering carry over continually to your future energy consumption, so you won’t have to worry about them expiring. 

Given the climate here in Albuquerque, solar panels are likely to overproduce during many days out of the year. So, homeowners can earn many credits against future energy use. 

Net metering, which is available to New Mexico solar panel owners, is one of the most effective ways for homeowners to save money on monthly energy expenses. But, as an added benefit, net metering lowers the strain on your local electricity grid. Rather than receiving energy from far-off power plants, your neighbors can receive energy from your nearby solar panel system. It’s a win-win: as a solar panel owner, you’ll pay less for future energy needs, and the community will benefit from having energy produced close by. 

Federal Tax Credit For New Mexico Solar Panels

By becoming a solar panel system owner in Albuquerque, you’ll gain the Federal Investment Tax Credit, or ITC. This tax credit equates 30% of the cost of owning solar panels. Additionally, there aren’t any sales taxes on solar panels in New Mexico. 

As well as the ITC and various state incentives in New Mexico, solar panels will raise the value of your Albuquerque home. A solar panel system is an asset, and it will rightfully impact how much your home sells for if you choose to move. 

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